About Us

For Pony Professionnel, our Newmarket based hair salon oasis.

Pony Professionnel is ‘everything for healthy
hair’, curated by experts in an oasis of pampering and personalised service. We have edited the perfect collection of scalp and hair products to help create your dream hair

Handpicked by our team, all of the items on our store are products that we use on our clients insalon on a daily basis, so we genuinely love them and believe in the results that they achieve. Now you have the opportunity to access some of our personal favourites, for yourself in the comfort of your own home.

At Pony Professionnel we strive to help every client achieve a healthy scalp and beautiful hair, it’s the foundation for hair that makes you look and feel amazing.

We believe in a great consultation, so please reach out when you need advice for your hair, we’re always willing to listen and help.

Pony Professionnel — an experience to recharge, revive and refocus